About Deb Bruckschen

Deb in Office on ball

A member of the National Speakers Association, Deb Bruckschen is the Founder of 360 Wellness Edge.

Deb Bruckschen’s 360 Wellness Edge is the virtual “wellness program” solution for individuals, families, home office entrepreneurs & small businesses. Sometimes you just need some encouragement or a bit of guidance or some simple new ideas that can make a big difference when they become a habit.  Don’t be a stranger — reach out!

Many people don’t have convenient access to a typical wellness program. Maybe that’s why you’re here. And maybe that’s a blessing in disguise, because most wellness programs — while having good intentions — focus only on physical wellness. They usually don’t recognize the powerful connection between overall health & wellness and how it impacts ALL areas of our lives, and how ALL areas of our lives affect our overall health & wellness. 

Also, for business owners:  Investing in a typical corporate wellness program is often neither practical nor affordable for smaller businesses, and yet the benefits of wellness are equally or more important to sole proprietors and small businesses than they are to larger companies. If YOU aren’t energized and thriving, it’s likely your business won’t be either.

Deb’s unique 360-degree approach to wellness includes tools and resources designed to help individuals and groups to develop the personal leadership skills, knowledge, passion, attitudes and habits that will most greatly impact their desired results. Simple solutions for life-changing impact!

Business Experience

Deb has enjoyed a wide variety of leadership experiences over the past 25 years as a trainer, professional speaker, facilitator, coach and business owner. She has helped thousands of people in a variety of industries to achieve improved results. Her experience also includes several years in a corporate environment.

Deb is a professional network marketer, and she & her husband Mark also have 18 years of experience in the health & wellness industry. They have provided leadership to independent reps and have conducted ongoing training and coaching sessions for reps and consumers locally, regionally, and internationally. Deb previously also taught fitness classes through a local YMCA.

Deb’s background includes appearing in training videos, along with writing and recording an audio book entitled, “H2O – How to Create Thirst-Quenching Results in Business & in Life.” Past publications include the newsletters “A Drop of H2O” and “Zap the Stress & Boost Your Success.”


In her business administration degree, Deb’s emphasis was on leadership. She has also completed two professional business coaching programs and a health coach program, along with numerous seminars and workshops in a variety of subject areas.

Personal Info

Family and community are very important to Deb. She enjoys spending time and traveling with Mark and her three young-adult daughters, and she is actively involved as a musician and with various organizations within her church. Deb is also a Rotarian and has served in a number of leadership positions within her Rotary Club including Club President. She volunteers for a variety of community activities.

Deb also enjoys learning, reading, experiencing wellness in all areas of life, photography, great restaurants, good music, good movies, sports, and natural beauty including sunrises & sunsets. You’re also likely to see frequent photos of Little Bear. (Yes, pets add to our overall wellness for most people.) 🙂

Loves Helping Others

Deb’s scope of work and powerful, positive presence have made her an accomplished and sought after speaker, facilitator, trainer and coach. Her abilities are matched by her deep enjoyment of working with others to help them ensure positive changes in ALL areas of life, leading to measurable, lasting, improved results and the ability to thrive today and in the future.