Guilt-Free Dark Chocolate Treats

dark chocolate

I really wouldn’t need to be convinced to eat some dark chocolate.

But with the great health benefits that come along with organic dark chocolate, I’m REALLY in… hook, line & sinker. 

Of course anything can be overdone when consumed in extreme amounts… even dark chocolate. (Yes, 10 servings a day wouldn’t be good!)

It’s tough for me to think of a better overall treat that is delicious, available in several forms, and doesn’t mess with the personal responsibility of taking care of my health. On the contrary, the right chocolate enhances our health.

Here are some of my favorites from the 360 Wellness Edge Store:

Favorite hot chocolate EVER (also great cold & on ice).

Oh-so-delicious-and-healthy dark chocolate squares.

A world apart from any chocolate syrup you’ve ever had… delicious chocolate + super foods beverage to drink straight up, or pour over coconut milk ice cream, to add to smoothies, to pour over fresh organic berries, etc. YUM!

Click HERE for more options (save $$ on larger quantities, etc)

Enjoy your weekend — hopefully with a serving of dark chocolate somewhere along the way. 😉

Look your best. Feel your best. LIVE your best!

Here for you in your 360-degree wellness journey in ALL areas of your life!

Deb Bruckschen

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