Upgraded & Super Easy Chocolate Mousse


My friend Cristy Chuparkoff created this recipe, and it is WAY TOO GOOD to not share it.

This is (arguably) the world’s easiest and healthiest chocolate mousse recipe, and it’s delicious!

It’s super easy because it contains only two things.


It’s “upgraded” because those two things deliver some goods that are important for your health.

Click HERE for some of the health benefits of coconut milk.

Click HERE for the health benefits of Beyond Hot Chocolate, with a wealth of health benefits in every serving. By the way, you can’t taste the reishi mushrooms in the chocolate mix, and they are oh-so-healthy.

Ready for the detailed instructions? 🙂  Here you go:

1 can organic full fat coconut milk

1 serving of Beyond Hot Chocolate mix

Combine the two ingredients this way:

Strain out the liquid in the can of coconut milk. (Refrigerate the liquid part & use in a smoothie.)

Put the thicker part of the coconut milk in a bowl. Add the serving of Beyond Hot Chocolate mix, and stir well.

That’s it!

You can refrigerate it first — if you can refrain from eating it on the spot. It’s great either way.

You can garnish with some fresh berries (as shown above) for a nice touch and additional health benefits.

We’ve also served a small amount of the mousse covering a much larger amount of fresh berries, and it’s delicious that way, too. We can call it Chocolate Mousse Berries.


A little goes a LONG way to satisfy you. 

Number of servings: As mousse garnished with a few berries, plan on four delicious servings. Served as Chocolate Mousse Berries, you could serve at least eight.




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