High-Intensity Interval Training: A Real Fitness “HIIT”

hiit workout - freedom chiro

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) describes fitness workouts that alternate between high-level bursts of activity and low-intensity activity or rest.

Whether you’re looking to shed a few pounds, fit into those Spring and Summer clothes, have more energy, or improve your overall health, physical activity is important. Interval-type workouts have become popular for a variety of reasons, and they come in a variety of formats.

One of my personal favorite examples is alternating 20 seconds of high-level activity with 20 seconds of very slow walking for a period of 12 minutes total. Choose between a variety of activities for the 20 seconds of high-level activity, i.e. running in place, push-ups, jumping jacks, knee lifts, lunges, jumping rope (without an actual rope is fine), or stair climbing.

Important: Use a timer (smart phone works great). The old “1000-one, 1000-two, 1000-three” routine is tough to do when you’re sprinting in place. 🙂

In the photo above, I participated in an interval workout led by Dr Jake at Freedom Family Chiropractic in Garner, North Carolina…outside in a parking lot. People of all ages and fitness levels were able to modify the exercises to safely join the fun. So cool!

Research shows several benefits of high-intensity interval training workouts:

— Fitness benefits in less time than with endurance-type activities.

Burn more fat and calories for 24 hours after your workout than with a steady-pace activity.

— Lose fat while maintaining muscle.

— Increase your production of human growth hormone (HGH) for 24 hours after your workout, slowing down the aging process.

Here are a few more perks:

— Less boredom with the variety of activities that can be involved.

Little or no equipment required.

— You can do it anywhere… inside, outside, at home, in a hotel, on vacation.

As with any exercise program, consult your health care professional before beginning.

Choose activities that can be modified to the intensity that fits your fitness level and overall health, i.e. (non-jumping) jacks with alternating side steps versus full-out jumping jacks. Just be sure to keep moving — quickly — during your high-level bursts of activity.

One of our favorite during & after exercise beverages is Rebound. It’s soooo important to replace the minerals we sweat out, and Rebound does such a great job of that.

This was me after some interval fitness during a sunrise on the beach in Mexico earlier this month. Yes… it works anywhere!


Enjoy the benefits!

Here for you,

Deb Bruckschen

‘Tis the Season for Essential Oils

I’ve really been enjoying this monthly Aroma Share Club, and you might too! Not only is there a significant savings on the monthly collection (this month we received $87.10 of oils for $50), it comes each month with a sheet of personal care recipes and even food recipes.

aroma share club -- dec 2015

Click here to view the recipes for December 2015: Aroma Share Club 12/2015 Recipes.

The Cinnamon Almonds and the Cinnamon Apple Chips look delicious! Just bought the additional ingredients for them today and can’t wait to try them. Yum!

An added plus: If you get the monthly Aroma Share Club collection on an autoship order, there’s free shipping. That’s right… $50 for anywhere from $70 to $90 of some of the world’s best essential oils… delivered directly to your door.

Click here for more details on the Aroma Share Club: Aroma Share Club Flyer. Oh, you’ll see that the selections are the ones from 2015. New ones on the way for 2016. 🙂 Page 2 contains some great info about essential oils and how they work.

‘Tis the Season for Jazzed-Up Hot Chocolate

A friend of mine who is an aromatherapy instructor recently mentioned that especially at this time of year, she likes to add just a hint of Cinnamon Essential Oil or Peppermint Essential Oil to a cup of hot chocolate for a special treat.

A drop would be overdoing it (they are very powerful), so all you need is to take a toothpick and run it around the inside of the cap of the essential oil, and then stir the toothpick in your mug of hot chocolate. I tried it today and couldn’t decide which to have… so I tried both! 😉  YUM!!

Beyond hot chocolate

Cheers! Let me know if you try this… soooo delicious with the Beyond Hot Chocolate. Healthy AND tastes great!

As always, please let me know if I can be of help.

Feel your best. Look your best. Lead your best. LIVE your best!

Deb Bruckschen

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Guilt-Free Dark Chocolate Treats

dark chocolate

I really wouldn’t need to be convinced to eat some dark chocolate.

But with the great health benefits that come along with organic dark chocolate, I’m REALLY in… hook, line & sinker. 

Of course anything can be overdone when consumed in extreme amounts… even dark chocolate. (Yes, 10 servings a day wouldn’t be good!)

It’s tough for me to think of a better overall treat that is delicious, available in several forms, and doesn’t mess with the personal responsibility of taking care of my health. On the contrary, the right chocolate enhances our health.

Here are some of my favorites from the 360 Wellness Edge Store:

Favorite hot chocolate EVER (also great cold & on ice).

Oh-so-delicious-and-healthy dark chocolate squares.

A world apart from any chocolate syrup you’ve ever had… delicious chocolate + super foods beverage to drink straight up, or pour over coconut milk ice cream, to add to smoothies, to pour over fresh organic berries, etc. YUM!

Click HERE for more options (save $$ on larger quantities, etc)

Enjoy your weekend — hopefully with a serving of dark chocolate somewhere along the way. 😉

Look your best. Feel your best. LIVE your best!

Here for you in your 360-degree wellness journey in ALL areas of your life!

Deb Bruckschen

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