How to Make It Better

what you do today can improve all your tomorrows

How to make what better?
Great question. And the answer is: Pretty much any aspect in life.

Your health. Your financial health. Your relationships. Your faith. Your productivity. Your environment. Your fun & recreation. Your community involvement. Your mindset.

We are wired to want to make things better.

Sometimes people give in to mediocrity. They “settle” for less than their best because they’re overwhelmed, overworked, over committed, or they’re just not sure where to begin to make things better.

But deep inside we still have that desire to improve our life and the world around us.

So where can you begin… with whatever you’d like to improve?


Whether you want to improve your health, or finances, or whatever else… begin with the ABC’s. Actually the ABCD’s:

A: Assess your current reality. Where are you now?

B: What specific things would make it Better? Where do you want to Be in this aspect of your life?

C: What do you need to Change in order to make the desired outcome a reality? **

D: Decide to follow through, and lay out a plan to make things happen.

** There’s a great formula to follow for “C” — please reach out if you’d like the details.

If you’re looking to improve your health…

There’s an excellent health assessment form that gives you a quick and easy way to see where you’re at now in various categories, and then you can track your progress on the form as things improve. Based on your answers on the form, you’ll see some great recommendations for naturally improving your specific areas of interest.

Just let me know if you’d like to do the free health assessment. Super helpful!

As always, here for you on your journey to gain your greatest “wellness edge” — in ALL areas of life!

Deb Bruckschen

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THANK & Grow Rich… in ALL Areas of Life

be thankful

“Whaaat?!? That’s a typo, right? She means THINK & Grow Rich… the famous book.”

It’s very possible you may see a typo on this blog from time to time. I can’t claim perfection — that’s for sure!

This time, what you see is what I meant: THANK & Grow Rich. In this special month that includes the Thanksgiving holiday in America, many people give a little extra thought to what they are thankful for. They think about GRATITUDE.

When the colonists started the Thanksgiving tradition by giving thanks to God for their survival and for a good harvest, little did they know the multitude of benefits an attitude of gratitude can bring. Or maybe they DID know.

It turns out the benefits of gratitude can richly affect ALL areas of our lives… A real plus for your 360 Wellness Edge way of life.

Let’s Start With How Gratitude Enriches Your Health

An abundance of research studies show a correlation between gratitude and health benefits. Here are a few:

— Significant correlation with vitality and energy

— Fewer physical symptoms

— Improved quality of sleep

— Reduced depressive symptoms

— Enhances relaxation

— Decreased systolic blood pressure

— Fewer doctor visits

But it doesn’t end there.

Check out this chart ( with the highlights of how being thankful also provides a wealth of benefits to your personality, emotional health, relationships (social), and career… all contributing to your happiness and flowing over to enhance your success in ALL areas of life.  


Many also agree there is a foundational connection between thankfulness and our faith. These words will likely be familiar to some of you:

“Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.” Phil 4:6-7

In everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” 1 Thess. 5:18

Simple Ways to Say Thanks & Show Gratitude

— Just say it. Thank you… I appreciate you so much… with sincerity in words, tone, and body language.

— Just do it. Do something you know the recipient will appreciate… it doesn’t have to be huge. And also say thank you.

— Write a thank-you note.

— Keep a gratitude journal.

— Count your blessings.

— Pray.

There you have it. THANK & grow rich… in ALL areas of life!

Grateful for you,

Deb Bruckschen

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Happy Boss’s Day to YOU!


Hopefully you’ve had a successful and enjoyable day as you celebrated Boss’s Day! Or I hope it at least crossed your mind that you ARE the boss of several things in your life, even if you are employed by someone and have a “boss” at work.

Let’s take wellness as an example. Who’s responsible for your wellness? YOU are!

As we think about 360-degree wellness — all of the aspects that affect your health & well being — YOU are the boss, right? The CEO.

You’re the one who gets to choose what you put into your body, whether or not you exercise and what type of exercise you do, and how you navigate stressful situations in life.

You are the one who decides what type of personal and professional development you engage in.

You’re the one who chooses how you relate to other people and how that affects your relationships. You also get to decide what steps to take with your finances to help keep that area of your life healthy. You’re the one who decides how you exercise your faith on a daily basis.

It’s true that other important people in your life may have an impact on all of those things.

Bottom line, though: Recognize that YOU have the most impact on YOU, in many ways.

One of the most important things you can do in order to make improvements in ANY area of life is to recognize that YOU are responsible for your thoughts, beliefs, and actions. Never underestimate that.

You might also be the boss in a work setting, or you might be your own boss in business. That’s cool, too. I love being my own boss (i.e. having my own business) and helping others do the same.

For today, though, let’s celebrate the role every one of us has as the CEO… the boss… the top dog… in many aspects of our lives, and especially as it relates to our overall wellness.

Happy Boss’s Day to ALL of you!

Deb Bruckschen

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Tapping into Your Untapped Potential

life is like a 10 speed bike

My friend Glenda Robinson shared this picture on Facebook a while back, and it was as if it LEAPED off the page at me.

Several years ago, I read this about the concept of untapped potential:

Most people use anywhere between 3 and 10 percent of their potential. Their potential talent, resources, mind, & anything else at their disposal.

Even the most successful people likely use only about 25% of their potential.

Regardless of the exact percentages, we can all probably admit we have LOADS of untapped potential. GEARS we never use.

Think about this:

Imagine the enhanced results you could see in any or every area of life if you tapped into just an additional two percent of your potential. Or over time, five percent. Wowzers!

I’ll toss out a challenge to you:
Identify a couple of areas where you could eek out a bit more of your potential.
Keep in mind it can sometimes be a small change… that over time, makes a big difference.

As food for thought, here are some things on my list:

— Make it a HABIT (rather than a “sometimes” thing) to incorporate a few minutes of deep breathing a few times each day for energy, clarity, focus, calmness, creativity and digestion.

— 80/20 rule: Be intentional about spending 80% of the time on the 20% of things that produce the best results, in ALL areas of life.

— Review & enhance the use of “systems” wherever possible. Systems streamline. Systems simplify. Systems free up time for “higher gear” activity.

— Get help with certain tasks and projects in order to focus on shifting into the untapped “higher gears.”

As always, please reach out if I can be of help in your journey to 360-degree wellness.

Feel your best. Look your best. LIVE your best!


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Active vs Passive Wellness

(Photo courtesy of

(Photo courtesy of

In every stage of life, and certainly in a fulfilling and joyful retirement, a healthy mind and body are right up there in importance with financial health.

Most people would agree that without our physical health, the size of our nest egg really doesn’t matter.

Margaret Wittkopp of Veritas Financial Services recently shared some information regarding the major differences between “Active” and “Passive” management of our investment funds. Along the same theme, there are significant contrasts between active and passive management of our physical health.

Medical bills are the biggest cause of US bankrupties (as reported by CNBC & others)…

…so we are wise to take an Active role in managing our current and long-term personal wellness plan.

We’ll continue to cover more details about being proactive in ALL aspects of wellness — i.e. 360 Wellness — in future posts.

In the meantime, spend a few minutes thinking about — better yet writing down — your thoughts about these questions:

1) What is your desired health & wellness level now, and well into your retirement years? 

In other words, what’s your desired wellness vision?

What does that look like to you? What level of physical & emotional health would support your desired activities, travel (or not), community involvement, fun with family/friends? Your level of enjoyment and fulfillment?

Describe how that plays out into a typical day, week, month or year.

2) Are the choices you currently make regarding your physical and emotional health in alignment with your desired wellness vision? 

You know… your habits. The stuff you do every day. Things you eat or don’t eat, whether you exercise or not, if you get enough sleep, if you effectively manage stress.

If not, what small or large changes can you begin making TODAY?

It’s never too early to begin proactively managing your health or to take it to the next level. And if you haven’t ever thought about it and you’re wondering if it’s too late to make a difference, starting NOW is better than beginning tomorrow or next year. 🙂

As always, reach out if I can be of help.

Enjoy the 360 Wellness Edge, and choose to make it a great day in ALL areas of life!


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Happy National “Reach As High As You Can” Day!


There’s a national or international day to celebrate just about everything today… something to catch the attention of just about EVERYONE.

Whether your interest is in pretzels, picnics, Paul Revere, pet shelters, or pretty much anything else, there’s a day for YOU!

If there isn’t already a day that highlights your cause, go ahead — Name That Day! 🙂

I’m a fan of finding something to celebrate every day… a fan of gratitude. Thanking God for the many blessings in our lives.

Today’s theme, National Reach as High as You Can Day, is a great reminder to celebrate our unique God-given gifts and talents.

Each of us has something special to offer. What are YOUR unique gifts & talents, and how can you take them to new heights in the coming months and years to have an even greater positive impact in the lives of those around you?

Take a moment to celebrate, reflect, give thanks, and dream a bit about the future before you drift off to sleep tonight.

YOU are special!

All the best,

Deb Bruckschen

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Saturday, October 25th: InBody Mind Spirit Family Expo

So excited to participate in the 3rd Annual inBody Mind Spirit Family Expo in Bismarck, ND this Saturday, Oct 25th! A huge thank you to Shar & Gene Dukart and Jackie & Conrad Suechting for hosting this life-changing event for the local community & surrounding areas. 

Join the fun and learn simple ways for you & your family to feel great, look great, & LIVE great! 

Here’s a brief radio interview with local station KNDR 104.7 FM:


Click this line for more info & to register.

Saturday, October 25th

1:00 to 5:00 p.m.

Capital Christian Center

3838 Jericho Rd

Bismarck, ND

Hope to see you and/or your friends from the Bismarck area on Saturday!



My Dad Taught 360 Wellness Without Even Realizing It

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Hope everyone had a great Father’s Day!

As I reflected today on the top things that pop into my mind when thinking about what I learned from my dad, it amazed me how many of them relate to wellness. As you’ve probably heard me mention before, wellness is about SO much more than just knowing about healthy foods and incorporating a little movement into your life.

So much more! Pretty much everything we do or don’t do has an impact on our physical, emotional, and/or spiritual wellness.

Some of the top lessons from my dad:

Faith:  Back as far as I can remember, I knew about my dad’s strong faith in God. He loved Jesus. There was also never a question about what we were doing on Sunday mornings.

This lesson about faith became a foundation throughout my life, in the great times and in times that were quite challenging. A ROCK. An anchor.

Definitely an important aspect of overall wellness — 360-degree wellness.

Integrity:  My dad always said, “Don’t EVER take anything that isn’t yours without asking.” He reinforced this even in our own home.

He’d say, “Not even a stick of gum from the drawer in the kitchen or some change from my pile on the counter. If you ask me, I’ll gladly give it to you. But don’t just take it. That’s not the right thing to do anywhere.”

As a teenager and when I got a part-time job, he told me that when people waste time when they’re supposed to be working, it’s really like stealing from your employer.

Lack of integrity definitely messes with our overall wellness. Whether it’s stealing, lying, or other forms of integrity challenges, it eats away at our overall sense of wellness.

Work Ethic:  Another thing I never questioned was my dad’s strong work ethic. He worked hard to provide for our family and rarely missed a day of work for sickness or any other reason.

He used to say, “If you don’t work, you shouldn’t expect to eat.” Harsh? Maybe. But I’m so thankful for his example.

My dad also did some part-time business ventures over the years to bring in extra cash, no doubt planting an entrepreneurial seed that would sprout later in my own life.

Take a look at people who have overall wellness. Quite often they are people who work — who serve — who provide value — who make a difference. Whether it’s in a paid position, work for one’s own family, or in volunteer work, they feel better because they have a solid work ethic.

Respect:  Another thing my dad emphasized was having respect for other people — including our elders, but others as well.

No doubt about it that when we respect others, it affects our emotional wellness. What is really meant as a benefit for someone else, is a benefit for us as well.

Drinking Alcohol Responsibly:  My dad had a drinking problem. You could probably say he was an alcoholic.

There were some embarrassing times when friends were over. There were things I saw and heard that kids shouldn’t have to see or hear. Nothing that scarred me for life, and my mom did an unbelievable job of protecting us from any significant fallout. There were times we waited and waited for him to come home after work. And there were some falls, and at least one car accident (the one coming to mind involved a ravine).  Some scary times.

There was enough “stuff” to make a huge impact, and it was actually a major blessing in my life.  One thing I knew from the time I was a pre-teen was that I would NEVER want to become an alcoholic, and I’d never want to be married to one. I thank God He has protected us from falling into that lifestyle.

Most people’s body and mind can handle a glass of wine here & there or other cocktails occasionally, but there are many ways in which excessive alcohol doesn’t contribute to overall wellness. So thankful for this lesson from my dad.

The other meaningful lesson I learned from this is that we can still have a massive amount of love for someone, despite their imperfections. I hope my kids and husband have learned that lesson somehow, too, because perfect I am not. 🙂

What are the top things you learned from your dad or other father figure in your life? Please comment if you’re able to share with us!