High-Intensity Interval Training: A Real Fitness “HIIT”

hiit workout - freedom chiro

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) describes fitness workouts that alternate between high-level bursts of activity and low-intensity activity or rest.

Whether you’re looking to shed a few pounds, fit into those Spring and Summer clothes, have more energy, or improve your overall health, physical activity is important. Interval-type workouts have become popular for a variety of reasons, and they come in a variety of formats.

One of my personal favorite examples is alternating 20 seconds of high-level activity with 20 seconds of very slow walking for a period of 12 minutes total. Choose between a variety of activities for the 20 seconds of high-level activity, i.e. running in place, push-ups, jumping jacks, knee lifts, lunges, jumping rope (without an actual rope is fine), or stair climbing.

Important: Use a timer (smart phone works great). The old “1000-one, 1000-two, 1000-three” routine is tough to do when you’re sprinting in place. 🙂

In the photo above, I participated in an interval workout led by Dr Jake at Freedom Family Chiropractic in Garner, North Carolina…outside in a parking lot. People of all ages and fitness levels were able to modify the exercises to safely join the fun. So cool!

Research shows several benefits of high-intensity interval training workouts:

— Fitness benefits in less time than with endurance-type activities.

Burn more fat and calories for 24 hours after your workout than with a steady-pace activity.

— Lose fat while maintaining muscle.

— Increase your production of human growth hormone (HGH) for 24 hours after your workout, slowing down the aging process.

Here are a few more perks:

— Less boredom with the variety of activities that can be involved.

Little or no equipment required.

— You can do it anywhere… inside, outside, at home, in a hotel, on vacation.

As with any exercise program, consult your health care professional before beginning.

Choose activities that can be modified to the intensity that fits your fitness level and overall health, i.e. (non-jumping) jacks with alternating side steps versus full-out jumping jacks. Just be sure to keep moving — quickly — during your high-level bursts of activity.

One of our favorite during & after exercise beverages is Rebound. It’s soooo important to replace the minerals we sweat out, and Rebound does such a great job of that.

This was me after some interval fitness during a sunrise on the beach in Mexico earlier this month. Yes… it works anywhere!


Enjoy the benefits!

Here for you,

Deb Bruckschen

Daylight Savings Time… & Better Sleep All Year

Turning the clocks ahead in Spring is one of my favorite things. Experiencing those first few days of an hour of additional daylight in the early evening hours can be a major boost…like a breath of psychological fresh air!

AND for many people it’s literally a breath of fresh air because they’re more likely to get outdoors and enjoy the extra daylight.

My friend Rocio Ramos, Youngevity contributing writer & fitness instructor, gives some great tips in the following article to help you enjoy the changing of the clock and get better sleep all year long…

woman stretching in the morning

Longer days and warmer weather are just a couple of things that make the spring time so ideal. Just think about it, you get an additional hour of daylight to enjoy the outdoors; perhaps with an evening walk, hike or other recreational activity. This also makes daylight saving time the perfect time to revamp your workout routine if you’re feeling a little plateaued. However, if you’re not prepared for the time change that comes with welcoming the spring season, you’ve got a few rough days, or even weeks, ahead of you!

For many early risers, losing an hour of cherished sleep can make mornings problematic for a bit. Most individuals find themselves more tired than usual during morning routines and commutes to work. Additionally, if you go to bed early, you’ll find it may be difficult to go to bed only an hour or two after the sun has gone down. In order to make sure you’re alert in the morning, creating a new sleeping schedule is important. However, if you’re not a good sleeper, this struggle will be even greater.

If you’re already sleep-deprived, daylight saving time will only add to this deficit, unless you make some immediate changes. According to the Center for Disease Control, 1 in 3 American adults do not get the required 7 hours of sleep each night. Sleeping anything less than that puts you at risk for chronic illnesses such as obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke and stress. Whether you have a hard time falling asleep or are simply up late, the sooner you make necessary changes to get adequate sleep, the healthier and happier you’ll be!

A few ways to get better sleep are to:

  • Minimize your daily intake of caffeine, especially in the afternoon.
  • Lay off the night cap. Alcohol consumption has been found disrupt REM sleep which is needed for memory, concentration and motor skills.
  • Turn off or silence electronic devices at least 30 minutes before bedtime. Blue lights interfere with sleep, and email or text updates can wait until the morning.
  • Create a peaceful bedtime ritual by doing some reading, gentle stretching, or yoga and also sticking to a bedtime schedule.

To prepare yourself for the upcoming hour shortage, even if you’re a good sleeper, you may want to start going to bed 15-30 mins earlier on the days leading up to daylight savings time. Try to ease your body into the new routine and changes. Additionally, adding Biometics Bio Nite, which contains a unique blend of melatonin, chamomile and valerian, will be help promote restful sleep during the time change, and any other time you need to ensure a good night’s rest.

Don’t forget to set your clocks forward! Good sleep is the key! — Rocio Ramos

Deb’s Additional Suggestion for a Good Night of Sleep

A “go to” for many people is the essential oil blend To Be At Peace. Check it out as a great potential addition to your bedtime routine, or for evenings when your mind just doesn’t want to slow down.

Enjoy your extra hour of daylight in the early evening hours next week!

Here for you,

Deb Bruckschen

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How to Make It Better

what you do today can improve all your tomorrows

How to make what better?
Great question. And the answer is: Pretty much any aspect in life.

Your health. Your financial health. Your relationships. Your faith. Your productivity. Your environment. Your fun & recreation. Your community involvement. Your mindset.

We are wired to want to make things better.

Sometimes people give in to mediocrity. They “settle” for less than their best because they’re overwhelmed, overworked, over committed, or they’re just not sure where to begin to make things better.

But deep inside we still have that desire to improve our life and the world around us.

So where can you begin… with whatever you’d like to improve?


Whether you want to improve your health, or finances, or whatever else… begin with the ABC’s. Actually the ABCD’s:

A: Assess your current reality. Where are you now?

B: What specific things would make it Better? Where do you want to Be in this aspect of your life?

C: What do you need to Change in order to make the desired outcome a reality? **

D: Decide to follow through, and lay out a plan to make things happen.

** There’s a great formula to follow for “C” — please reach out if you’d like the details.

If you’re looking to improve your health…

There’s an excellent health assessment form that gives you a quick and easy way to see where you’re at now in various categories, and then you can track your progress on the form as things improve. Based on your answers on the form, you’ll see some great recommendations for naturally improving your specific areas of interest.

Just let me know if you’d like to do the free health assessment. Super helpful!

As always, here for you on your journey to gain your greatest “wellness edge” — in ALL areas of life!

Deb Bruckschen

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‘Tis the Season for Essential Oils

I’ve really been enjoying this monthly Aroma Share Club, and you might too! Not only is there a significant savings on the monthly collection (this month we received $87.10 of oils for $50), it comes each month with a sheet of personal care recipes and even food recipes.

aroma share club -- dec 2015

Click here to view the recipes for December 2015: Aroma Share Club 12/2015 Recipes.

The Cinnamon Almonds and the Cinnamon Apple Chips look delicious! Just bought the additional ingredients for them today and can’t wait to try them. Yum!

An added plus: If you get the monthly Aroma Share Club collection on an autoship order, there’s free shipping. That’s right… $50 for anywhere from $70 to $90 of some of the world’s best essential oils… delivered directly to your door.

Click here for more details on the Aroma Share Club: Aroma Share Club Flyer. Oh, you’ll see that the selections are the ones from 2015. New ones on the way for 2016. 🙂 Page 2 contains some great info about essential oils and how they work.

‘Tis the Season for Jazzed-Up Hot Chocolate

A friend of mine who is an aromatherapy instructor recently mentioned that especially at this time of year, she likes to add just a hint of Cinnamon Essential Oil or Peppermint Essential Oil to a cup of hot chocolate for a special treat.

A drop would be overdoing it (they are very powerful), so all you need is to take a toothpick and run it around the inside of the cap of the essential oil, and then stir the toothpick in your mug of hot chocolate. I tried it today and couldn’t decide which to have… so I tried both! 😉  YUM!!

Beyond hot chocolate

Cheers! Let me know if you try this… soooo delicious with the Beyond Hot Chocolate. Healthy AND tastes great!

As always, please let me know if I can be of help.

Feel your best. Look your best. Lead your best. LIVE your best!

Deb Bruckschen

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THANK & Grow Rich… in ALL Areas of Life

be thankful

“Whaaat?!? That’s a typo, right? She means THINK & Grow Rich… the famous book.”

It’s very possible you may see a typo on this blog from time to time. I can’t claim perfection — that’s for sure!

This time, what you see is what I meant: THANK & Grow Rich. In this special month that includes the Thanksgiving holiday in America, many people give a little extra thought to what they are thankful for. They think about GRATITUDE.

When the colonists started the Thanksgiving tradition by giving thanks to God for their survival and for a good harvest, little did they know the multitude of benefits an attitude of gratitude can bring. Or maybe they DID know.

It turns out the benefits of gratitude can richly affect ALL areas of our lives… A real plus for your 360 Wellness Edge way of life.

Let’s Start With How Gratitude Enriches Your Health

An abundance of research studies show a correlation between gratitude and health benefits. Here are a few:

— Significant correlation with vitality and energy

— Fewer physical symptoms

— Improved quality of sleep

— Reduced depressive symptoms

— Enhances relaxation

— Decreased systolic blood pressure

— Fewer doctor visits

But it doesn’t end there.

Check out this chart (HappierHuman.com) with the highlights of how being thankful also provides a wealth of benefits to your personality, emotional health, relationships (social), and career… all contributing to your happiness and flowing over to enhance your success in ALL areas of life.  


Many also agree there is a foundational connection between thankfulness and our faith. These words will likely be familiar to some of you:

“Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.” Phil 4:6-7

In everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” 1 Thess. 5:18

Simple Ways to Say Thanks & Show Gratitude

— Just say it. Thank you… I appreciate you so much… with sincerity in words, tone, and body language.

— Just do it. Do something you know the recipient will appreciate… it doesn’t have to be huge. And also say thank you.

— Write a thank-you note.

— Keep a gratitude journal.

— Count your blessings.

— Pray.

There you have it. THANK & grow rich… in ALL areas of life!

Grateful for you,

Deb Bruckschen

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Happy Boss’s Day to YOU!


Hopefully you’ve had a successful and enjoyable day as you celebrated Boss’s Day! Or I hope it at least crossed your mind that you ARE the boss of several things in your life, even if you are employed by someone and have a “boss” at work.

Let’s take wellness as an example. Who’s responsible for your wellness? YOU are!

As we think about 360-degree wellness — all of the aspects that affect your health & well being — YOU are the boss, right? The CEO.

You’re the one who gets to choose what you put into your body, whether or not you exercise and what type of exercise you do, and how you navigate stressful situations in life.

You are the one who decides what type of personal and professional development you engage in.

You’re the one who chooses how you relate to other people and how that affects your relationships. You also get to decide what steps to take with your finances to help keep that area of your life healthy. You’re the one who decides how you exercise your faith on a daily basis.

It’s true that other important people in your life may have an impact on all of those things.

Bottom line, though: Recognize that YOU have the most impact on YOU, in many ways.

One of the most important things you can do in order to make improvements in ANY area of life is to recognize that YOU are responsible for your thoughts, beliefs, and actions. Never underestimate that.

You might also be the boss in a work setting, or you might be your own boss in business. That’s cool, too. I love being my own boss (i.e. having my own business) and helping others do the same.

For today, though, let’s celebrate the role every one of us has as the CEO… the boss… the top dog… in many aspects of our lives, and especially as it relates to our overall wellness.

Happy Boss’s Day to ALL of you!

Deb Bruckschen

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Guilt-Free Dark Chocolate Treats

dark chocolate

I really wouldn’t need to be convinced to eat some dark chocolate.

But with the great health benefits that come along with organic dark chocolate, I’m REALLY in… hook, line & sinker. 

Of course anything can be overdone when consumed in extreme amounts… even dark chocolate. (Yes, 10 servings a day wouldn’t be good!)

It’s tough for me to think of a better overall treat that is delicious, available in several forms, and doesn’t mess with the personal responsibility of taking care of my health. On the contrary, the right chocolate enhances our health.

Here are some of my favorites from the 360 Wellness Edge Store:

Favorite hot chocolate EVER (also great cold & on ice).

Oh-so-delicious-and-healthy dark chocolate squares.

A world apart from any chocolate syrup you’ve ever had… delicious chocolate + super foods beverage to drink straight up, or pour over coconut milk ice cream, to add to smoothies, to pour over fresh organic berries, etc. YUM!

Click HERE for more options (save $$ on larger quantities, etc)

Enjoy your weekend — hopefully with a serving of dark chocolate somewhere along the way. 😉

Look your best. Feel your best. LIVE your best!

Here for you in your 360-degree wellness journey in ALL areas of your life!

Deb Bruckschen

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Myth Busters: Butter & Eggs

Our daily choices in all areas of life can have a significant compounding effect over time. These two health choices are finally overcoming the myths related to them in the recent (several decades) past.

One: Choose butter instead of margarine.


From the cover of Time Magazine from 6/23/14: “Eat Butter. Scientists labeled fat the enemy. Why they were wrong.”

It’s important to know that not all fat is created equal, and it’s the “good” fat that isn’t the enemy. The trans fats in many margarine brands (and loads of packaged products) are examples of unhealthy fats to avoid.

Butter is real food, and it has health-enhancing components. Plus it tastes better than the imposters!

Go organic if at all possible, along with “grass fed / pasture fed.”

Two: Choose eggs instead of egg replacements.


1) Whole eggs are nutrient-packed super foods. Note that many of the nutrients are in the yolk, and the white has the protein. Nutrients include some superstars for your brain, for protecting your eye health, and for various processes in the body.

2) Many studies show eggs actually improve your cholesterol profile. Just because a food contains cholesterol doesn’t mean it will raise the bad cholesterol in your blood.

3) Eggs are a great protein source, with all of the essential amino acids in the right ratios.

4) Studies show eggs at breakfast can help you lose body fat.

5) They’re a great bang for the buck, taste great, and go well with many vegetables. Great for breakfast, lunch, or even dinner!

Go organic and free range if at all possible. And according to health experts, the best way to eat them to maximize your benefits is soft scrambled (with a little butter of course, see above), poached, or gently fried to maintain the integrity of this value-packed super food.

Enjoy, and reach out if I can be of help in your journey.

Feel your best. Look your best. LIVE your best!

Deb Bruckschen

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Upgraded & Super Easy Chocolate Mousse


My friend Cristy Chuparkoff created this recipe, and it is WAY TOO GOOD to not share it.

This is (arguably) the world’s easiest and healthiest chocolate mousse recipe, and it’s delicious!

It’s super easy because it contains only two things.


It’s “upgraded” because those two things deliver some goods that are important for your health.

Click HERE for some of the health benefits of coconut milk.

Click HERE for the health benefits of Beyond Hot Chocolate, with a wealth of health benefits in every serving. By the way, you can’t taste the reishi mushrooms in the chocolate mix, and they are oh-so-healthy.

Ready for the detailed instructions? 🙂  Here you go:

1 can organic full fat coconut milk

1 serving of Beyond Hot Chocolate mix

Combine the two ingredients this way:

Strain out the liquid in the can of coconut milk. (Refrigerate the liquid part & use in a smoothie.)

Put the thicker part of the coconut milk in a bowl. Add the serving of Beyond Hot Chocolate mix, and stir well.

That’s it!

You can refrigerate it first — if you can refrain from eating it on the spot. It’s great either way.

You can garnish with some fresh berries (as shown above) for a nice touch and additional health benefits.

We’ve also served a small amount of the mousse covering a much larger amount of fresh berries, and it’s delicious that way, too. We can call it Chocolate Mousse Berries.


A little goes a LONG way to satisfy you. 

Number of servings: As mousse garnished with a few berries, plan on four delicious servings. Served as Chocolate Mousse Berries, you could serve at least eight.




Tapping into Your Untapped Potential

life is like a 10 speed bike

My friend Glenda Robinson shared this picture on Facebook a while back, and it was as if it LEAPED off the page at me.

Several years ago, I read this about the concept of untapped potential:

Most people use anywhere between 3 and 10 percent of their potential. Their potential talent, resources, mind, & anything else at their disposal.

Even the most successful people likely use only about 25% of their potential.

Regardless of the exact percentages, we can all probably admit we have LOADS of untapped potential. GEARS we never use.

Think about this:

Imagine the enhanced results you could see in any or every area of life if you tapped into just an additional two percent of your potential. Or over time, five percent. Wowzers!

I’ll toss out a challenge to you:
Identify a couple of areas where you could eek out a bit more of your potential.
Keep in mind it can sometimes be a small change… that over time, makes a big difference.

As food for thought, here are some things on my list:

— Make it a HABIT (rather than a “sometimes” thing) to incorporate a few minutes of deep breathing a few times each day for energy, clarity, focus, calmness, creativity and digestion.

— 80/20 rule: Be intentional about spending 80% of the time on the 20% of things that produce the best results, in ALL areas of life.

— Review & enhance the use of “systems” wherever possible. Systems streamline. Systems simplify. Systems free up time for “higher gear” activity.

— Get help with certain tasks and projects in order to focus on shifting into the untapped “higher gears.”

As always, please reach out if I can be of help in your journey to 360-degree wellness.

Feel your best. Look your best. LIVE your best!


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